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Modules and Course Selection

Students have the option of selecting three possible modules of study after completing first year. These are as follows:

The various modules allow students to develop both specialist and more general degree programs. A student may thus focus on First Nations Studies courses and obtain a degree in First Nations Studies or combine First Nations Studies with work in other disciplines.

A student may thus graduate in two areas of expertise as a Double Major or pair up courses such that they complete a Minor in one area of expertise and a Major in another. For example, a student may complete a four-year Bachelor of Arts with a Major in First Nations and a Minor in Visual Arts. Modules in the same discipline are generally not combined; for example an Honors Specialization in First Nations Studies may not be combined with a Major module or a Minor module in First Nations Studies.

Modules require a specific combination of courses. Modules can have courses cross listed and in common with modules of other program or departments. For example First Nations Studies has courses cross listed with Anthropology and English. Students wishing to combine modules containing the same courses must consult the department and faculty concerned to ensure that the combination selected is permitted.