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Director's Message

SHEKOLI, BOOZHOO, WELCOME to First Nations Studies (FNS) at Western University.

Our interdisciplinary program is designed to provide a holistic understanding and examination of topics relevant to Indigenous peoples’ realities. Visiting Elders, guest scholars and our experienced faculty bring a wealth of first-hand experience working with Indigenous communities to the classroom. Since its inception, the program has welcomed an ethnically diverse undergraduate population, who in the course of their studies have focused on local Indigenous communities and cultures and gained insights into regional, national and global issues that influence Indigenous landscapes.

The program crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and offers courses cross listed with Social Science, Arts, Information and Media Studies and the professional schools. The program engages political, legal, cultural and linguistic perspectives on the First Nations through the standpoints and voices of Indigenous people. Areas of study include history, language, politics, health, cultural studies, economics, arts, psychology, sociology, and education. Both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students are welcomed to share their perspectives.

At First Nations Studies we are committed to developing graduates who, in a rapidly changing global environment, will acquire a sound foundation for pursuing careers in the private, non-profit and government sectors. An undergraduate degree in First Nations Studies will also provide students with the opportunity to gain admission into professional schools such as law, medicine, health science, education and business.